What is white intelligence?

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), these are techniques for obtaining information about people and companies based on publicly available sources, both online and data available outside the network.

Based on the information obtained, we prepare professional reports that we present to our clients.

Data Protection

We protect and remove potentially dangerous information about our clients and carry out security audits.

About Us

We are programmers creating web applications. We specialize in creating security and conducting penetration tests. We use our knowledge in combination with social engineering to obtain or protect information on both business entities and individual entities.

Why Us?

We have many years of experience related to OSINT, moreover, we are one of the pioneers of a given field in Poland. We do not sign any contracts, you only pay for the work done, we approach each client individually.

information Age

We live in an era in which information is treated as a special intangible asset, even more valuable than material goods. People are ready to give their lives for information, thanks to it governments are overthrown, businesses and corporations collapse, not to mention the control of ordinary citizens using it.


An old Chinese proverb says "Know yourself, know your enemy and you will never lose." If you don't want to be far behind others, protect your information, get information about others, adapt to the times you live in.

Who are our services aimed at?

  • computer network administrators,
  • insurers and liquidators,
  • lawyers and business owners,
  • headhunters,
  • traders and sales staff,
  • bailiffs,
  • private investigators,
  • any analyst whose job is to search for information on the internet.

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