Protect Your Privacy

If you think that you are anonymous online, you are wrong. Even if you follow the internet safety rules, others around you may still postpone photos or information about you mindlessly. You can’t change it, but you can make this information disappear from the web.

Information List

Give us some information about yourself and we will compile a list of information available about you on the Internet based on them. We will send you the list via e-mail.

Data deletion

From the list, select the ones that you want to disappear from the web, we will contact the administrators of websites and search engines to remove this data, so you can enjoy security and freedom in the web.


In case of finding a small amount or no data, we will refund 50% of the costs of the service.


Your data is deleted from our servers upon finishing of the service.

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Data protection


We look for and delete sensitive information, photos, videos or other activity related to you. Enjoy the security of this data now.