Initial Informations

Please provide us with any information about the person or company. Name, surname, city, photo, it can also be a website or social media profile.

What will you get?

The most detailed profile of a person or company, all data available on the web will be at your disposal: connections, documents, employees, the smallest information will be sent in a document to your e-mail.


You get a guarantee thanks to which, in the case of lack of or small amount of data, we reimburse up to 50% of the costs of the service.

Do not hesitate!

Don't waste time searching for information on your own and ineffectively. Trust professionals with extensive experience and appropriate software.


Price for information about one entity.

Group, company OSINT


Price for information about a company, non-governmental organization or other entity engaged in business or charity.



In the case of another order, the price is determined depending on the difficulty and time-consuming of obtaining information

What is the fee for the X personal company?

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